103 Mile Swim?

Say wha?! Can anyone even swim that far?! A sixty-one year old US swimmer Diana Nyad sets off from Cuba on a 60-hour swim to Florida in shark-infested waters! SHARK INFESTED! With a calm sea before the 61 year old swimmer set of at dusk on Sunday to begin what she hopes will be a world record 103-mile swim from Cuba to Florida! 103 miles people! I can’t even walk that far without giving up! She’s swimming!

Wearing a black bathing suit and blue swimming cap, set of to Florida with a small fleet of boats. Some of the crew members included Cubans that were wishing her well! Before heading out to sea, she confidently told the crowds that she would return to celebrate the accomplishment with them! Now that’s self confidence!

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Amazing Tightrope Walk!


Man, do some people have guts! A man named Saimaiti Aishan, who practices tightrope walking day and night, set off carefully on one of the most dangerous tightrope walking missions ever! Mr. Aishan planed on walking a 50 foot wire between two hot air balloons 328 feet above the ground! And for fun might I add!

As Mr. Aishan neared the other side after just two minutes, he lost his balance and fell from the wire! Yes, he fell!!! How is he still alive? Well he saved his own life by grabbing onto the wire using his arms as bystanders and news reporters gasped! Plus he was also tethered anyway, so even if he missed the wire he wouldn’t have fallen to the ground! The balloons were then lowered towards the ground, leaving Mr. Aishan safe from danger and okay, but no closer to achieving his 328 foot high challenge! Props though! Just for trying! I know I would never even think of doing that!

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Easy Sleep

Forget about counting sheep! Millions of Britons now listen to nature tapes, wave sounds and soft music to help them fall asleep! Whenever I listen to music trying to go to sleep it keeps me awake because I dance! And it’s not just me! Research shows only one in five say noises help them doze off! It keeps me awake! Research also shows it takes on average 37 minutes a night trying to get to sleep! Now that’s something I believe! Even without music I’m still awake! The sound of waves is considered the most soothing, even to me! After I go to the beach, the same night I fall asleep easy! Or that could just be the beach making me tired… 😛

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How Old?!

Say wha?! The world’s oldest living animal is how old?! Now I knew that some animals could live longer than humans, but a tortoise that is 178 years old?! Wow!

Jonathon the Tortoise is 178 at the moment and was about 70 when this picture was taken. So this picture was taken in 1903! Wow!

Jonathon the Galapagos Tortoise is an astonishing 178 years old! Wow this tortoise has lived through 6 generations of human beings! Holy moly! I didn’t know any living animal lived that long! Locals say Jonathon still has the energy to mate with the three younger females that live with him! Now that’s a man! Or a tortoise! A freaking Galapagos tortoise! One amazing thing that makes Jonathon who he is today is that he is the sole survivor of three tortoises that arrived on St Helena Island in 1882! Eighteen eighty two, people! The previous oldest tortoise was 175 and was also a giant a Galapagos tortoise from the Galapagos Islands. Man those Galapagos tortoises sure know how to live it up! It must be all that slow movement or something!

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Hot Air Balloon Records!

A new world record was set in France when 343 hot air balloons took off at the same time! The new world record was set at the Chambley-Bussieres Aerodrome in eastern France during the 12th Lorraine Mondial International Hot Air Balloon Festival! The balloons took off and broke the previous record of 329 balloons, set at the same festival in 2009! Man, I wish I was there or, better yet, in one of the balloons! Imagine the sight! All colorful and dreamy! Boy, I really hope I get to go to one of these festivals one day! Amazing!

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Whole Town For Sale!

Whoa! If I was rich I would so buy this! A whole town is for sale for under the price of a mansion!! The town named Scenic in South Dakota was once a booming “Wild West” town  is on the market for only $799,000! For a town! The town comes with 46 acres of land, a post office, a petrol station, a grocery, two empty jails and a pub! What a bargain!

Built at the turn of the 20th century as a railroad stopping point, Scenic has suffered during the downturn of the economy. Scenic has been on the market for three years, but the price has dropped from $3 million all the way to $799,000! Whoa, a whole town on clearance!

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Weird Disease!

Wow, that’s a horrible disease! A man named Stephen Mabbutt, from Charlton, London can hear his own heart beating. Now that is freaky! The disease is called Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome and it’s this freaky hearing disease that makes the sufferer hear the inside of his own body! Yeah, like I told you, freaky!

Mr. Mabbutt first experienced symptoms six years ago, when he felt a dull ache in the side of his head. It kept happening frequently so doctors treated him with nasal sprays and antibiotics but then his hearing became worse. He was then diagnosed with this wierd hearing condition! One of the things that makes this disease so weird is the noise from just chewing food can be deafening! Man!!! That must really sound strange!

Mr. Mabbutt’s doctors have still not found a cure! This poor guy says he says he can hear his own eyes move!!! “I wonder if he can hear himself think.” – My wonderful mother.

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